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Benefits of Kangen Water Consumption

Dr. Susan Lark - author of "The Chemistry of Success: The 6 Secrets That Achieve Performance" says that the benefits of ionized alkaline water created by electrolysis are not limited to its great ability to balance cell and muscle pH or to neutralize acids due to the fact as ionized alkaline water gained a large number of electrons through the process of electrolysis. It is able to donate these electrons to the active oxygen in the body that forms free radicals, so it becomes a superoxidant. By donating excess electrons, ionized alkaline water is able to stop the oxidation process that has place in normal tissues due to oxygen free radicals.


Four to five glasses of alkaline ionized water a day will help neutralize overacidity and over time will help restore your body's capacity and resistance to acidity. Alkaline ionized water should be used when our acidity increases as in the case of colds, flu or bronchitis. Like vitamins C, E, and Beta Carotin, alkaline ionized water acts as an antioxidant due to its excess free electrons. It can help the body against the formation of heart disease, heart attack, immune dysfunction and other diseases.

Kangen water detoxifies

Kangen alkaline ionized water produced by an Enagic water ionizer is a powerful detoxifying agent for the body. It is a good solvent because after electrolysis the group of hydroxyl ions is coupled with alkaline minerals in water resulting in hydroxides of sodium, potassium, calcium but not in caustic concentration (pH 12) but in a concentration of pH recommended for consumption (pH 8.5 -9.5).

Acids can become free radicals causing tissue damage if they are not bound to an antioxidant (which is alkaline). The human species is an alkaline species. An example that illustrates the importance of alkalinization is present in emergency medicine. Alkaline solution, which is a sodium solution, is given intravenously in the hospital's emergency room or in emergency treatments. Sodium is called the "great alkalizer." Because sodium allows the reversal of the acidosis process.

Because acidosis causes inflammation and destroys cells, the body will begin to use steroids, electrolytes, lipids (cholesterol) to fight acidity. This condition will have the effect of dehydration at both cellular and extracellular level. Make sure that the water brings you health and is used as a medicine, not as a source of illness. Consume Kangen ionized alkaline water directly from a Leveluk water ionizer because it removes all residual products from the body, regulating the temperature.

                                                                                                             Kangen Alkaline Ionized Water Detoxification Belts should be done                                                                                                                         in spring, summer and fall when the outside temperature is higher.

                                                                                                             During cold periods, the share of more acidic food can be higher.

Complete hydration with Kangen alkaline ionized water is the fastest and easiest way to achieve and maintain an ideal weight.

Kangen water weakens

Drink more Kangen ionized alkaline water, weigh less! Kangen ionized alkaline water increases the rate of calorie burning. Only two cups of Kangen ionized alkaline water increase the metabolic rate by almost a third, which rate remains elevated for about half an hour. A glass of alkaline Kangen water soothes hunger pangs for those on a diet.


It is sometimes argued that it is not possible to just lose weight. Which is true if we talk about water in trade. But with enough electron-rich, alkaline and structured Kangen ionized alkaline water, produced by Japanese Leveluk water ionizers, you can lose extra pounds. Kangen Alkaline Ionized Water is the most important part of your weight loss plan.

How to drink Kangen alkaline ionized water to reach the ideal weight?

  • Drink half a liter of Kangen alkaline ionized water when you wake up in the morning. This helps you cleanse your kidneys, bladder and intestines, rehydrate and charge your body with extra electrons.

  • Drink a glass of alkaline water every hour or half a liter every two hours

  • Drink Kangen alkaline water ONLY between meals

  • Drink Kangen alkaline water at fixed hours. Don't wait for thirst to set in.

  • For every hour of exercise drink half a liter of Kangen ionized water

  • Drink warm alkaline water to relieve constipation or congestion

  • Drink half a liter of Kangen alkaline water at the end of each day

How to use Kangen acid water and Kangen ionized alkaline water in the kitchen
STRONG ALKALINE KANGEN IONIZED WATER (pH - 11.5) dissolves pesticides and chemicals from food. Soaking the fruit for 30 minutes. - 1h in strongly alkaline ionized Kangen water (pH - 11.5) leaves water dirty and colored, depending on the quality and quantity of chemicals in food. It is known that the peel of fruits and vegetables is the main depository of vitamins, enzymes and minerals, but due to chemicals they cannot be used without toxic repercussions on the body. Moreover, the peel of fruits and vegetables has a probiotic role, feeding the bacteria in the intestine to achieve a healthy bacterial balance. This ultimately has the effect of minimizing the risk of infections and intestinal problems.
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Kangen's strongly alkaline ionized water removes pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals from the surface of fruits and vegetables, leaving the possibility to be used in various combinations. Fruit and vegetable juices are recommended to include the peel and not just the pulp. Left for 10-12 hours in alkaline Kangen ionized water, the peels of fruits and vegetables can be consumed as such (instead of water) or can be used in soups, broths or in the preparation of fasting mayonnaise, without being boiled. The fact that fruits and vegetables washed with highly alkaline Kangen ionized water do not have pesticides or other toxic substances is very important, because they are superior in terms of nutrition. We can say with certainty that their nutritional value is much higher than in conventionally washed fruits and vegetables. Soaking meat and vegetables in strongly alkaline Kangen ionized water (pH - 11.5) removes the strong odors of meat and fish, as well as the bitter taste of some vegetables.

When cooking Kangen ionized alkaline water (pH 8.5 - 9.5) reduces the cooking time by about 25-30%. Steamed vegetables with alkaline water retain more of their natural flavor and color. Kangen alkaline ionized water extracts the flavor of the ingredients so that your food will be tender and juicy. You will need fewer spices, an ideal situation for those who want to reduce salt consumption. Due to its fine structure, Kangen ionized alkaline water will help you prepare the traditional Romanian polenta more easily because the flour will dissolve evenly in the water without forming lumps.

Taste and aroma are everything when we talk about tea and coffee. Using less coffee or tea, but extracting more flavor, you will be amazed by the color, taste and aroma. You will get a fuller and richer taste. When Kangen ionized alkaline water is used for coffee and tea the bitter taste diminishes. With Kangen alkaline ionized water you can prepare cold tea or coffee (without boiling or brewing) by introducing the ingredients into the water. You will immediately notice how the water extracts the contents from the plants, by coloring it. The aromas will be much stronger than in the case of boiling or decoction.
Boiling lowers the pH of alkaline water, because carbon dioxide in the air mixes rapidly under it under the influence of temperature. But boiling does not lead to the evaporation of alkaline minerals, so they remain in combination with carbonates. The benefits of neutralizing acids in the body remain available after volatile carbonic acid is transformed into water by eliminating expired CO2.
Cook the rice with Kangen ionized alkaline water

You will get a delicious and fluffy rice. If you cook rice with Kangen alkaline ionized water, the phosphorus will be neutralized by calcium before the rice is served, which will decrease the amount of phosphoric acid that will be produced in the body later.



Produce. Intense colors of strawberries, cherries, tomatoes, broccoli, asparagus, eggplant, etc.… will not change when washed with Kangen ionic acid water. Fried food. Fried food comes out tasty and crunchy when the dough is made with Kangen ionic acid water. Frozen food. Spray Kangen ionic acid water on fish and shrimp stored in the refrigerator, so as not to lose their flavor when thawed. Boil the pasta. Noodles and pastas will have a shiny appearance and an improved texture as a result of their boiling in Kangen ionic acid water.

ph 4 6.png

Kangen acidic water weakens the meat. Kangen ionized acidic water breaks the meat by breaking the protein bonds in the meat. Kangen ionic acid water superficially breaks the tissues of the meat, to allow the spices to penetrate better into the texture of the meat, adding juiciness and flavor to the final product. This method is especially useful for tenderizing the harder parts of meat, such as the thighs, especially those of beef, pork, game. Be careful when using acidic water when tenderizing fish meat that has a more delicate texture. Do not leave too much fish meat in acidic water because the meat will become too soft and unappetizing. Do not use metal dishes when placing meat in Kangen ionic acid water. Glass, plastic or ceramic vessels are suitable.



It kills microbes on food and cooking surfaces in just a few seconds. Sprinkle vegetables and fruits with Kangen ionic acid (pH 4-6) or strongly acidic (pH 2.5) water before soaking them in Kangen strongly alkaline water! Some fruits or vegetables such as cherries, plums, grapes, strawberries, red cabbage, eggplant and asparagus contain vibrant colors. Washing them with Kangen ionic acid water will keep their natural colors from boiling. These foods will look much more appetizing. Wash the meat of fish, chicken, beef, pork with strong Kangen acid water (pH 2.5), then leave it for 30 minutes. in strongly alkaline Kangen water (ph11.5) to destroy meat bacteria. The liver or other such meats, which have a strong and unpleasant odor, can be left to soak for 20-30 minutes in the same way, to neutralize the annoying odors.

Kangen water is living water

Kangen ionized alkaline water is living water because it is a powerful antioxidant. Kangen ionized alkaline water is 6 times stronger than orange juice because it contains an abundance of hydroxyl ions (OH-) needed to slow down the aging and degeneration process.

Kangen oxygen therapy

The secret of Kangen hydration therapy starts with the demolition of the myth: it is not enough to consume water for hydration.


Many people believe that drinking eight, ten, or more glasses of water a day is the answer to the hydration problem. Kangen hydration therapy is not just about drinking water, but about helping water to enter the cells and connective tissue, to keep it there, so that each cell can function at its maximum capacity. If we want to make the cell membrane stronger, stimulate the regeneration (and hydration) of connective tissue, reduce the damage caused by free radicals and keep the immune response intact, we must supply the body with Kangen structured water.

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Why Kangen Alkaline Ionized Water

is Best hydration therapy?

 Therefore, contrary to common belief, hydration does not mean drinking eight glasses of water a day. We can drink ten, fifteen, or even twenty glasses of water a day, and we still won't have proper hydration. If we can't keep water in the cells, it will only pass through the body, instead of staying in the cells and hydrating them. Lack of hydration causes the cell membrane to be damaged, like a perforated pocket trying to hold coins. The water drains from the cells where it should stay and becomes wastewater (water that can be seen in swollen feet and ankles, eye bags and all sorts of other edema).


Kangen ionized alkaline water is a metabolic water

It contains many negative hydrogen ions, which are captured by cellular oxygen forming metabolic water in the process of aerobic cellular respiration generating cellular energy. The negative hydrogen ions so necessary in oxidative processes are fully found in alkaline ionized water K the food consumed Penetrates every part of the body and where traditional water can not penetrate. From the first snack of this "Kangen" water you will notice the difference and you will wonder how you could have drunk anything else so far. "Kangen" means "back to the beginning, to the beginning", and this is exactly what this water does: it will restore your body to its original, balanced, alkaline and healthy state.

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Success stories

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     Kangen water alkalizes

Kangen ionized alkaline water contains alkaline minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium in the form of bioavailable ions, which the body can absorb. Microorganisms and many diseases, including cancer, cannot grow in an alkaline, basic environment. That is why we recommend a diet that includes plenty of Kangen ionized alkaline water.


Consumption of alkaline water neutralizes and removes acids from tissues, stops the body

from a extracts alkaline substances from

muscles, bones to resolve the imbalance

acid-base. The blood has a range of very

narrow pH - pH 7.3-7.5. Blood pH levels can

influence and pH of tissues and organs.


Kangen ionized alkaline water optimizes oxygen transport, accelerates the detoxification process, thus helping to lose extra pounds, revitalizes the body. Kangen water ionizers are certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health, and Enagic is O.E.M. - original manufacturer, and F.D.A.

Fatigue, insomnia are the first symptoms of acidity in the body due to ketone bodies, which disrupts cellular functionality. The cell gets tired and there is a feeling of both physical and mental fatigue. In extreme cases, acidosis can suppress all cellular activities and functions. Acidosis interferes with life itself.

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